Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm, Alaska


Drama on the Chilkat River

This Newborn Alaskan moose was left alone and trembling. He hunched on the silt bar with bent back legs, unsure of how they worked. Water rushed around all sides. He chirped for his mother over the water’s din, but she didn’t come. Only a hungry bald eagle answered the call.

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W. T. Fox. — Those Aren’t Kittens.

Strolling over to a neighbor’s abandoned barn, I was on a mission to photograph the structure. I began documenting these ruins several years ago, collecting the crumbling history of days gone by. A tiny, fuzzy body tumbled toward me, unaware of my presence… and then another and another. Six little beasties were playfully pouncing about…

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Whistler, the Barred Owl

Massive, magical, mythical wings beat silently through crisp winter air. I feel the atmosphere shift, even from within the house. Suddenly, a blurred flurry of motion. My eyes see what I had only sensed. A barred owl flaps past my window then glides upward with graceful lift, landing softly in our dormant Maple. Downy feathers…

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Deer Friends

Here a Deer.There a Deer.… and a John Deer? This herd is pretty giddy about a tree full of ripening apples. The little fawn does a jig clear across the lawn and the rest refuse to be dissuaded by that odd looking deer, the mower (at least for the most part).

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A Crab with No Lucky Horseshoe

While kayaking in search of dolphins this morning, I tossed my beloved Canon camcorder into the Atlantic. (The F-bomb that followed could be heard in South Africa, a fact I am not proud of.) Since I can’t share the osprey, seagulls, terns and jumping fish we encountered, I’ve dug through my Avalon archives and found…

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