W. T. Fox. — Those Aren’t Kittens.

Strolling over to a neighbor’s abandoned barn, I was on a mission to photograph the structure. I began documenting these ruins several years ago, collecting the crumbling history of days gone by.

A tiny, fuzzy body tumbled toward me, unaware of my presence… and then another and another. Six little beasties were playfully pouncing about in the old hay bales like very young kittens. It took a minute for my startled mind to register what they really were… a litter of gray fox pups! I spent more time watching than shooting, and captured this sweet video as I stood stock still.

Having my all-too-short fill, I left so as not to distress the mother. I’m quite sure she kept watch over me as I kept watch over her young. It was time to let the wild get back to being beautifully wild as the animals reclaim discarded sheltering structures that no longer serve a dying way of human life.

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